Lee Sklar

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Consider it Deja Vu, if you wish. But for Lee Sklar, hitting the road with Carole King and James Taylor for the 2010 Troubadour Reunion Tour was a dream-turned-reality. It all began in 1969, when Taylor and King played the infamous 3-day gig at the Troubadour Club in LA. Backing them were Lee Sklar, Danny Kortchmar and Russ Kunkel. They would soon become known as ‘The Section’ and their discographies as the most sought after session guys of the time were deep. Lee Sklar’s career was rocketing as he was in demand by major artists and producers. Fast forward to September 2010. The 51-city Troubadour Reunion Tour has played to over 700,000 fans around the world. The secret to the success was simple - Sklar, Kunkel, and Kootch were along for the ride with James and Carole - and the chemistry helped reproduce the intimate vibe of the original Troubadour Shows. We’ve invited Lee back to debrief us on the rest of the Troubadour Reunion Tour. He’s no stranger to us. Lee, welcome back to Inside MusiCast.