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Jeff Coffey

Earlier this year, bassist and vocalist Jeff Coffey left his gig with the legendary band Chicago.  Jeff will be the first to admit that it was a dream gig, especially for a musician who was just finding his way back into the business after taking a hiatus from all things music.

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Lee Sklar

If you’ve been listening to Inside MusiCast from our early beginnings in 2006, you’ll recognize this throwback show intro that was voiced by the talented singer/songwriter Jennie DeVoe.  Today’s episode of Inside MusiCast is our 200th and we’re celebrating this milestone with a lighthearted conversation with one of our earliest guests and our good friend, bassist Lee Sklar.

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Neil Stubenhaus

Neil Stubenhaus is clearly one of the top A-list of bassists in the music business - and he doesn’t need to preach it. It’s proven with his discography and the select artists that he has been able to work with throughout his career.

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