Shem von Schroeck

Shem VonSchroeck_banner.jpg

The new groovemeister behind Toto’s 2017 tour

A few months ago when Toto announced the musician who would be filling the shoes of David Hungate and Mike Porcaro, we knew that it would raise a lot of curiosity amongst the band’s loyal fans when they heard the name Shem von Schroeck.

The truth of the matter is that we’ve known about Shem for quite some time. In fact, we interviewed him nearly a decade ago and discovered just how multi-talented he really is. Shem is not only a bassist, but a drummer, keyboardist, arranger, producer, operatic vocalist, author, recording engineer, video editor, and a diehard Trekkie. Toto fans who have witnessed one of his early performances with the band surely have a solid understanding of why Shem is a perfect fit to fill the coveted position of bass guitar and backing vocalist for the foreseeable future. He’s not only a perfect fit as a musician, but he has the humble, welcoming style of personality that embodies the spirit of his bandmates.  Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome back Shem von Schroeck.