Lee Sklar

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IMC's 200th episode!

If you’ve been listening to Inside MusiCast from our early beginnings in 2006, you’ll recognize this throwback show intro that was voiced by the talented singer/songwriter Jennie DeVoe. Today’s episode of Inside MusiCast is our 200th and we’re celebrating this milestone with a lighthearted conversation with one of our earliest guests and our good friend, bassist Lee Sklar. Lee is without question one of our favorite guests and we’re always pleased when he returns to the show to catch-up and to discuss his amazing career. This episode will also feature questions for Lee from our listeners from around the world. Eddy, our team of Correspondents and I thank you for your support of Inside MusiCast and for indulging us on our quest to take you inside the music one interview at a time. So for this 200th episode, Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome Lee Sklar.