Rob Meany

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It’s no secret that Rob Meany is a top notch singer-songwriter. If you live in Minneapolis, you’ve known this fact for over fifteen years. But what if you haven’t heard of him nor his band Terramara? Well, this is your lucky day. Get ready to be amazed by music that is part Steely Dan, Joe Jackson, Sting, John Mayer and Ben Folds…all mixed together to create a progressive jazz concoction that’s mixed with lyrical and musical hooks that will draw you in. Rob is a musician’s musician - classically trained, yet he’s developed musical sense that is foundational for his writing. As band leader and lead vocalist of Terramara, he has collaborated with the best musicians in the Minneapolis area to create three Terramara albums. The newest release being Dust & Fiction. Thanks to Rob, Inside MusiCast is the first to debut his newly mixed track Brooklyn Bridge. You’ll love this track and all of Terramara’s music, for that matter. How do we know? We fell for it hook, line and sinker. Inside MusiCast welcomes, the talented Rob Meany.