Bruce Gaitsch


Born in Chicago, Bruce Gaitsch was baptized into music at an early age. His dad was a musician and also owned a music store where it was common to see up-and-coming stars of the Midwest music scene, such as Ted Nugent, Chicago, and the Buckinghams. As a musician, Bruce paid his dues in the Windy City and racked up more than 3000 session gigs over the course of 9 years. That’s when he moved to LA. His career as a guitarist, producer, and writer exploded when his good friend from Chicago, Richard Marx , began to connect him to others. He then met Patrick Leonard, and together they wrote a track called ‘La Isla Bonita’ for Madonna. He’s fresh off a world tour with Peter Cetera and has worked with Chicago, Kansas, The Fixx, Phillip Bailey, and Tom Scott, just to name a few. He has several solo albums to his credit, including his most recent 2006 release – Sincerely. As his successes are too many to mention, so we’ll just let Bruce tell you. Inside MusiCast welcomes Bruce Gaitsch.