Stephen 'Astro' Duros

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The new album and lighting for Toto tours

Stephen Duros, also knows as Astro, is a guitarist, lighting technician for TOTO, and a talented cartoonist.  His approach to lighting for Toto is literally ‘analog’ by today’s standards, as his lightning method includes very little automation.  He relies on his astute sense of Toto’s music in order to trigger lighting effects for their shows. If you’ve ever seen Toto live, you’ll understand just how accurate and artistic his work can be.  But Stephen’s talents go beyond the lights.  He’s also a brilliant guitarist with a focus on classical and Flamenco.  In fact, Stephen performed with the amazing Ottmar Liebert for several years and was even credited on Liebert’s Grammy nominated album The Scent Of Light.  Here to discuss his many talents, including his cartooning, is Stephen ‘Astro’ Duros.