Fee Waybill

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The Tubes. But wait! There’s more!

From his humble beginnings in Nebraska, to working his way into a band as a backing vocalist, to fronting the band that eventually became The Tubes, Fee Waybill was born to entertain. But being the front man in the band wasn’t just about singing the tunes. The Tubes live performances were an extravaganza of bondage, simulated sex, chainsaws, phallic props, smashing televisions, and often partially nude dancers and band members.  Not only were The Tubes pioneers of incorporating theatrics and shock value into their live shows, but they were also a band of brilliant musicians. Their early albums were a fusion of rock and jazz that were comparable to Zappa and incorporated lyrics that satirized pop culture, politics, religion and even sexual taboos. They garnered a cult following, but didn’t have a major hit on their hands until they connected with producer David Foster in 1981. Together with Steve Lukather, the Tubes scored their first major hit “Talk To Ya’ Later” and two years later topped its success with the even more successful “She’s A Beauty.” But as mentioned before, Fee is a man of many talents and he’s here to tell us all about them.  Inside MusiCast welcomes Fee Waybill.