Tim Cashion


The new album: Find Us On The Dial

The influence of West Coast AOR runs deep in the souls of many career musicians.  Ask any studio or touring musician about their inspirations and you’re bound to hear an answer that would include the talented players who laced the liner notes of the great albums from the 70’s and 80’s.  Tim Cashion is no exception.  For the past 15 years, Tim has provided keyboard and vocal support to the legendary band Grand Funk Railroad.  Prior to that, he has toured with the likes of Takanaka, Robert Palmer, Jon Secada and Bob Seger.  Yet deep in his musical soul there lied a passion for West Coast AOR.  In 2005, Tim began to explore this musical path and created the tracks that became his personal Sargent Pepper’s titled “Find Us On The Dial.”  The album sat in silence – until now.  To tell us more about this incredible album and the unique story about its release is Tim Cashion.