CWF - Champlin, Williams, Friestedt


The new CWF album

Peter Friestedt is one of Sweden¹s premiere musicians and guitarists. Having studied music at several conservatories in Sweden, Peter eventually landed in Los Angeles to study at the Los Angeles Music Academy. There he studied under Frank Gambale and his guitar staff, but sometimes education will only get you so far.  Peter wanted his music in the hands and ears of Bill Champlin, so he borrowed a friend¹scar, drove to Bill¹s house and delivered a cassette tape that contained some of his music.  This was the start of Peter’s “LA Project” - his first album project that was eventually distributed all over Europe and garnered the attention of his peers and fans worldwide.  It also catapulted Peter to various projects over the past two decades - his latest being the recently released CWF album that features Champlin and Toto vocalist, Joseph Williams.  Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome both Peter Friestedt and Bill Champlin.