David Paich

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On this episode of Inside MusiCast, we welcome back Toto founding member David Paich, as we break down the band’s classic album, Toto IV – track-by-track. Toto IV was a pinnacle album in the band’s history. Not only did it garner critical acclaim, a collection of Grammy Awards, and made Toto a household name, but its success came at a critical time, as their previous two albums saw shrinking sales and only one minor hit single. Toto IV not only catapulted the band to a realm of giant success, with hit singles like “Rosanna”, “Make Believe”, “I Won’t Hold You Back” and “Africa”, but it was a breakthrough for the band in terms of their overall sound, from new synth technology, to the incorporation of incredible horn arrangements, to the implementation of full orchestration – not to mention the involvement of some the best recording and mastering engineers and guest musicians. Breaking this masterpiece down track-by-track, Inside MusiCast welcomes David Paich.