Phil Gould


Although the name Phil Gould is associated primarily with Level 42, his career as a musician goes much deeper. He started out playing in bands, along with his brother, while living on the Isle of Wight when he was a teen. Having studied percussion at the Royal Academy of Music, he later found his way onto the charts with the band M and their worldwide hit ‘Pop Muzik’, as well as a stint with the band Roxy Music. He departed Level 42 in 1987 and took a lengthy hiatus from music in the mid 90’s and 2000’s. He finally returned in 2009 to deliver his solo debut titled “Watertight”, a collection of eleven songs and features ex-Level 42 band mate Mike Lindup and Berenice Scott on lead vocals. And there’s more on the way, as Phil is working on even more new music that could be released later this year. Inside MusiCast welcomes Phil Gould.