Gabe Dixon

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Since 1998 keyboardist and vocalist Gabe Dixon has been busy fronting the Gabe Dixon Band. Their 2008 self-titled release earned accolades from Paste Magazine, The Village Voice, American Songwriter, Rolling Stone and many others. Amazingly, virtually the entire album has been licensed at one time or another for use on primetime television or for movie soundtracks. This is confirmation of Dixon’s talent as a masterful keyboardist and vocalist. Even Paul McCartney admired his gifts enough to offer him a position in his band, in which he declined to focus on his songwriting and new album. One thing we know is that Dixon knows how to take you by the hand lead you through a well-crafted musical maze that ends with a new found addiction to his music. His soon to be released solo project, ONE SPARK, is sure to capture the listener’s ears, and that’s no surprise to us. Inside MusiCast welcomes an artist who will not be under the radar too much longer, Gabe Dixon.