Christopher Cross

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On this edition of Inside MusiCast, we welcome back a painter – a musical and lyrical painter who you know well. He’s recorded twelve solo projects since his legendary self-titled 1979 release. But over the years, while recording, living life and touring, Christopher Cross has continued moving forward. With the delivery of his new release, Doctor Faith, we clearly see that the singer/songwriter and his longtime writing partner, Rob Meurer, have risen to a fresh, new level of musical excellence. With the assistance of his good friends Michael McDonald, Dave Beyer, Mark Browne, Eric Johnson and John Thomas, Cross’ new offering of 13 tracks flows from the heart, and is natural, honest, and transparent. His signature voice has only gotten better and is still soothing as ever. The orchestrations and horn parts, not to mention his guitar work, are second to none. So, please welcome once again to Inside MusiCast, an artist who continues to leave a mark in music…Christopher Cross.