Mark King

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The music of Level 42 is addicting, and if that’s the case, fans of their music have been in rehab for 30 years. That’s when bassist Mark King and keyboardist Mike Lindup started injecting lyrics into their fusion, funk-based tracks at the suggestion of their label in 1980. It created a sound that has been labeled as jazz-funk , sophisti-pop, New Wave, pop rock, and funk-pop. Whatever you call it, there’s not a sound like that of Level 42. Over the years King’s sharp vocals and bass-slapping technique have merged with Lindup’s falsetto harmonies to deliver hits such as Something About You, Lessons Is Love, Children Say, Star Child and It’s Over. After heavy touring and several personnel evolutions over the years, Level 42 suffered a band split in the mid-90’s. But, we’re glad to say that King and the band have emerged once again. This past summer, they completed their first U.S. tour in over 22 years, which has made their American fans extremely happy. The good news is that there’s still an enormous appreciation for their music, and THAT makes us happy. Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome Level 42’s Mark King.