Carlitos del Puerto

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Since his arrival in the States from Cuba just a few years ago, 30-year-old acoustic bass prodigy Carlitos del Puerto has quickly become one of the most recognized and highly sought-after session players in Los Angeles. Having performed or recorded with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Ricky Martin, Steve Lukather, Herbie Hancock, Kevin Eubanks and many others, del Puerto is a highly adept player capable of finding and delivering the perfect low-end groove for practically any musical style. His formal musical roots are founded on straight up Cuban music, classical and jazz. His father, Carlos del Puerto, was a most accomplished bassist himself, being his most impacting musical influence. Not surprising, Carlitos won some of the world’s most prestigious international jazz awards as an up-and-coming musician in Havana. We welcome a true international artist who is still spreading his wings in L.A., Carlitos del Puerto.