David Hungate


In the music business you can’t always plan where your career takes you. Most of the time it just falls into place over the course of the many years. Our guest has had the good fortune of having the pieces of his career fall into place by calling the right shots at the right time. He is the consummate session musician and one of the most respected bassists in the industry. As an original member of the rock band Toto, David Hungate provided a rhythmic anchor to a band that delivered classic songs as Rosanna and Africa to the world. From his beginnings with Sonny and Cher to his Grammy-winning Toto work, to Randy Travis, David has never been removed from the A-list of bassists because of his ability to provide the right groove for the right music. He left the LA scene for all the right reasons, and along the way built a network of premier accounts in Nashville that just won’t stop calling such as Toby Keith, April Barrows, Brooks & Dunn, Neil Diamond, Manhattan Transfer, Reba, Eddie Rabbitt, Linda Ronstadt, Boz Scaggs and Kenny Rogers. We welcome David Hungate to Inside MusiCast.