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Jon Herington

Jon Herington
Since being a guest on Inside MusiCast in 2008, Jon Herington has been running non-stop. Touring with Steely Dan, and most recently with the Dukes of September tour, which featured Michael McDonald, Boz Scaggs and Donald Fagen, the New York City singer/songwriter has focused on producing his latest solo effort, “Shine (Shine, Shine)”, the follow-up to his 2000 solo release “Like So.” But, “Shine” is different in many ways from its predecessor. This album has a heavier guitar influence, and at times, it has an edgier approach. The quality of Jon’s writing and musicianship remains second to none. Herington collaborates with some very talented players and long-time colleagues, including bassist Dennis Espantman, Frank Pagano on drums, and on keyboards Rob Morsberger and Jim Beard. Espantman and Pagano combine with Herington to form the Jon Herington Band, who performs regularly on the New York City scene. They’ve performed together for years, and their talent shines through on “Shine”. We’re honored to connect once more with one of the most proficient guitarists in the business. Inside MusiCast welcomes back Jon Herington.

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