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Bernie Chiaravalle

Bernie Chiaravalle
Bernie Chiaravalle has never been a musician that needed a spotlight to complete him as a singer-songwriter-musician. He’s always let his music do the talking during his career that has spanned nearly three decades. He’s worked with artists such as the Doobie Brothers, Larry Carlton and David Pack, who incidentally introduced him to Michael McDonald. Needless to say, his musical relationship with McDonald has flourished for nearly 25 years and has took Chiaravalle to new levels of creative writing, performance and collaboration. Once you listen to his latest solo release, THE WORLD AROUND ME, you’ll find that he understands the craft of songwriting very well. Musically, his capacity to take you through a labyrinth of unexpectedly fresh guitar chording progressions will keep you engaged. Lyrically, he will draw you into his each song in a calm, methodical way. Inside MusiCast is happy to welcome a very seasoned musician, Bernie Chiaravalle.

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