Don Breithaupt of Monkey House

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The new album: Friday

Don Breithaupt is a man of many talents. He’s a singer/songwriter, musician, producer, arranger, composer, author and even an Inside MusiCast Correspondent. From his steady gig with Brass Transit, to his Breithaupt Brothers collaboration with his brother, Jeff, to recently producing “True North: The Canadian Songbook” - an epic, 32 song project that celebrates Canada’s 150th birthday, Don’s passion for music keeps him on the road, in the studio, and constantly writing and creating music. However, the center of his musical world is Monkey House, a band he spearheads and has been intact for over 25 years. With four studio albums already to their credit, the band released their fifth studio album today titled “Friday” and contains 12 tracks, including their tribute to the Walter Becker song “Book Of Liars”. Here to discuss this brand new album is our good friend, Don Breithaupt.