Chris Rodriguez

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The new album: Head, Hands and Heart

As adaptable as Chris Rodriguez has been throughout his career in music, having performed with a wide range of well-known artists and music genres spanning from pop, to country, to CCM, and rock, he continues to expand his musical palate.  Recently, Chris embarked on a journey that has led him to explore elements of jazz. Having some down time on the road and in-between gigs has allowed him the opportunity to write over 70 songs and compositions, with 14 of them landing on a brand new solo album titled “Head, Hands and Heart”, which is now available as a digital download and on major streaming sites.  While he’ll still be providing guitars and vocals on the road with Kenny Loggins and Peter Cetera, Chris has a treasure trove of original music to share with the world. Here to talk with us today about the new album “Head, Hands and Heart” is our good friend, Chris Rodriguez.