Steve Lukather

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Hear the gospel from Luke himself

It’s no surprise when we say that Steve Lukather wears his heart on his sleeve.  We’ve known this about him for a long time and his recently released autobiography titled “The Gospel According To Luke” is a fascinating look into his career in music, yet it also contains very honest and candid accounts of the trials and tribulations of the business that he’s experienced along the way. His music, songwriting, and his prowess on the guitar is a gift he has shared with all of us for over 40 years and it’s earned him immense respect by his peers and fans as one of the greatest musicians to ever pick-up a guitar, but as fans we often don’t realize the sacrifice, the time and the work that it takes to achieve what Luke has accomplished. While the book contains an incredible variety of these accounts, memoirs and stories, it only scratches the surface. Since it’s been close to four years since we last had Luke on the show, it’s definitely time to catch-up with him, dig a little deeper into his mind, and we’ve included many questions from our listeners from around the world. Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome our good friend, Steve Lukather.