Bernie Chiaravalle

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The new album: Make Some Sense Of This

It’s been nearly seven years since we last connected with Bernie Chiaravalle, but it goes without saying that he’s been a busy musician.  His long standing relationship with Michael McDonald has kept him moving on the road and in the studio.  He played an integral role with Amy Holland’s latest album “Light On My Path” and he has released three additional solo projects since our chat with him back in 2010.  It’s only been a year since he released his last album “One Bright Moment” but on April 18, Bernie is set to release perhaps his most introspective and personal album to date, “Make Some Sense Of This” - an album project that he wrote, performed, engineered and produced from start to finish.  Here to talk to us more about this new album project is our good friend, Bernie Chiaravalle.