Don Breithaupt of Monkey House

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Left: The new Monkey House release

Since 1992, Don Breithaupt has steered his band Monkey House on a path of musical progress.  In 2012 when we first connected with Don, the band had just released their third album “Headquarters,” which caught the attention of all us here at Inside MusiCast – most notably how their songs contained a heavy melodic approach reminiscent of Steely Dan. The band’s latest album “Left,” which will be released on June 3, picks up where “Headquarters” left off and includes contributions from some incredibly talented guest musicians, including Elliott Randall, Drew Zingg, Michael Leonhart, Jay Graydon. Kim Mitchell, and Lucy Woodward.  “Left” contains brilliantly crafted songs that may be the band’s finest collection to date.  In fact, during our chat with Don today, you’ll hear the world premiere of a few songs from the album.  Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome Don Breithaupt.