Jarrod Lawson


Inside MusiCast guests are like a who’s who in the world of music. Names like Lukather, Sklar, Loggins, McDonald, Wooten, Purdie, Page, Parsons – and the list goes on. But the world of music is always evolving with new, amazing talent coming onto the scene with regularity, such as today’s guest Jarrod Lawson. Jarrod has been honing his keyboard and vocal chops since he was a kid and is a prominent player in the jazz scene in Portland, Oregon. He recently released his debut, self-titled solo album and it’s burning up the soul chart in the UK, as well as ranking very high on various charts on Amazon. Like Terramara, Gabe Dixon, Samuel Purdey, Ole Borud and Kere Buchanan – to name a few - Jarrod Lawson is an emerging talent that we’re fortunate to include on our guest list. Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome Jarrod Lawson.