Meet IMC's Mikael Engström

Mikael Engström_banner.jpg

Born into a musical family, mainly focusing on classical music, Mikael Engström soon realized that his mission was to protect the interest of other genres. At the age of nine he entered the local record store and bought his first LP, “Chicago Transit Authority”. Having heard “Introduction” on the radio, his life was completely changed. At an early age he developed a love for rhythm and groove. Playing mom’s pots and cans made his parents realize there might be a drummer born into the family. Many drum kits later he’s now the proud owner of a huge Pearl Birch kit. Always surrounded by music, his collection now contains over 2700 CD’s and loads of music DVD’s. Groups like 10cc, Supertramp, Yes, Camel and Genesis made a huge impact on him as they contained the bridge between his classical roots and rock music. Lee Ritenour’s 1977 “Captain Fingers” was also a key that turned him into a true liner notes reader. Through the notes he discoverd session players like Jeff Porcaro , Bill Champlin, Jay Graydon & David Foster. He considers himself now to be a real “West coast nerd” and he’s quite proud of it. He´s also a great lover of fusion. Mikael also enjoys being involved in the Stockholm music scene as his knowledge and networking helps facilitate various concerts and artists. He resides in Tyresö, just outside Stockholm, Sweden.

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