Blue Sky Riders


What do get when you place three incredibly experienced singer-songwriters who each have left huge marks on the music scene winning Grammys, are members of music halls of fame, have countless number one hits and are still hungry to create fresh, new music in a studio?  You get Blue Sky Riders, a new crossover country-rock-pop vocal band that has exploded onto the music scene with a new album titled “Finally Home.” Singer-songwriters Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr have joined former Inside MusiCast guest Kenny Loggins to deliver a collection of well-crafted songs that will resemble a freshly repackaged vibe from the 70’s and 80’s. But don’t second-guess Blue Sky Riders. Their songwriting prowess is an impressive collaboration. They all share lead and harmonic vocals and will leave you wanting more. Inside MusiCast welcomes Georgia Middleman, Gary Burr and Kenny Loggins – Blue Sky Riders.