Fergie Frederiksen


Fergie Frederiksen’s tenure in the band Toto was unquestionably a highlight on his singing resume, but this singer/songwriter has had an extensive career as a solo artist, as well as the lead vocalist for MS Funk, Trillion and LeRoux. Fergie is also a member of Legends: Voices Of Rock, which is a collaboration of incredible rock vocalists that tours throughout Europe and includes Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin, Steve Augeri and Joe Lynn Turner. In 2010, Fergie was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer, but through his faith, support from great friends and with the strength to continue making music, Fergie has battled his way through his fight with cancer and is winning. In fact, he released his second solo album in late 2011 titled “Happiness Is The Road” and is in the early stages of working on yet another. Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome Fergie Frederiksen.