Howard Levy


Music had already been in his blood for more than a decade, having studied piano and music theory at the Manhattan School of Music in New York since he was eight years old.  But when Howard Levy first picked-up a diatonic harmonica as an 18 year-old college student at Northwestern, little did he know that he would soon reinvent the instrument, essentially pioneering the over-blow/over-draw methods for bending and creating notes that were previously thought ‘missing’ from the instrument.  He has since mastered the harmonica and has created a career in music that has led him to many unique opportunities, including his tenure as an original Flecktone.  But Howard is not defined solely by this role.  In fact, he only spent a few years with the Flecktones until he decided to part ways to pursue an open door of opportunities that continue to reinvent the role of the harmonica and challenge his own musical interests.  Inside MusiCast welcomes Howard Levy.