Bluey Maunick


Through his ever-present sunglasses, Bluey Maunick sees the world in different shades of soul, funk, acid-jazz, and r&b. And it’s his unique global perspective that feeds his musical creativity. As founder, mastermind, guitarist, and producer of the always-evolving band Incognito, Bluey has consistently delivered a deep-grooved, soulful sound on every record since 1981. Incognito’s sound is thick, richly produced and quite addicting, both vocally and instrumentally. Over the years he has introduced some of the best vocal talent to execute his musical vision. Let’s just call it “Bluey’s” touch, because without him, Incognito wouldn’t have been around for more than three decades. His newly released recording, “Surreal”, will only confirm his position as a truly international musical icon.  Inside MusiCast welcomes Incognito’s Bluey Maunick.