Don Felder


Let’s start with the facts. Our guest today was a member of one of the most influential rock groups of our time. Their “GREATEST HITS” compilation sold over 29 million copies in the US alone. But, when Don Felder joined the EAGLES in 1974, he added that special “something” with his vocals and guitar playing that would help create the unmistakable EAGLES’ sound. He co-wrote the mesmerizing “Hotel California” and several other classic hits that continue to be played daily throughout the world. He’s a guitarist who knows his craft and has also played with other legendary artists such as The Bee Gees, Bob Seger, Michael Jackson, Boz, Stevie Nicks, Elton John and…well, you know what we mean. Life after the Eagles has not stopped Felder from continuing to create and deliver the music that is within him. His new solo album, ROAD TO FOREVER, is a musical product that began with his best-selling book about his life with the EAGLES ten years ago. His journey has culminated with a wonderful collection of richly composed and arranged tracks that only solidify his position in music today. He hasn’t lost his touch, as ROAD TO FOREVER has proven. IMC welcomes, Don Felder.