Michelle Kath Sinclair


On today’s episode of Inside MusiCast, we’re bringing you a very special guest who’s producing a documentary about her father, Terry Kath – the amazing guitarist and vocalist who spent a little over ten years with the band Chicago, until his accidental death in January, 1978.  What’s unique about this documentary is that it’s a journey inside the mind of Michelle Kath Sinclair, who was only three years old at the time of her father’s passing.  Scouring through boxes of memorabilia, Michelle discovered several reels of Super 8 film that her father shot throughout his touring days with the band.  This, along with interviews, correspondence, and other memorabilia helped piece together a glimpse into her father’s fast, musical and ultimately the tragic end to his life. What did she learn about her father that family and friends hadn’t been able to describe throughout her life?  And after so many years after her father’s passing, did these pieces help to answer the questions she has always had about this man; a father; a husband; and a musical legend.  Inside MusiCast welcomes Michelle Kath Sinclair.