Michael Lennon


If music had a DNA, one of the strands would be dedicated to the Lennon family, beginning when Bill and Ted Lennon sang in a 40’s swing band and the Lennon Sisters sang for Lawrence Welk in the 60’s. Today, Michael Lennon, brother Mark and cousins Kipp and Pat continue the musical legacy with their band Venice. Michael leads this critically acclaimed LA quartet as they buck trendiness of pop music to deliver harmonic sounds that have been compared to Crosby Stills and Nash, the Eagles, Poco, and Little Rive Band. Venice, as a band, has recorded with Jackson Browne, Stevie Nicks, Warren Zevon, David Crosby, Brian Wilson, and Phil Collins. To top it off, the groups headline performances and popular websites draw thousands of devoted fans of their own worldwide. IMC welcomes Michael Lennon.