Gregg Bissonette

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“Versatile” is the best descriptor for drummer Gregg Bissonette. A Detroit native, who now resides in L.A., Bissonette’s musical collaborations are nothing less than premier… from Maynard Ferguson to David Lee Roth; Gino Vanelli to Ringo Starr; Brandon Fields to Jeff Lynne. Growing up, he and his brother, Matt, played in his father’s band in Detroit…how’s that for push start to a musical career? This eventually pointed him to college where he refined his talent while studying at the prestigious North Texas State Music School. Soon after, he was chosen by Maynard to play in his infamous Big Band. That in itself is an amazing accomplishment for a young musician. After moving from Dallas to LA, he naturally landed on the “A” list by delivering both quality and consistency in his performing. He’s equally comfortable on the stage as in the studio, and thrives in either environment. You’ll hear his drumming on NBC’s FRIENDS, as well as several motion pictures and other TV shows. Inside MusiCast welcomes a truly great musician, composer and human being, Gregg Bissonette.