Bill Champlin

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Bill Champlin is back. And he’s creating music that proves it. After his recent disconnection from his Chicago gig, he talked to Eddy and Rick about his new album, No Place Left To Fall. It is a testament that Bill has landed on his own two feet and has created arguably his best solo work to date, but on his own terms. He’s teamed up with an amazing group of musicians: George Hawkins, Jr. on bass; Bruce Gaitsch on guitars; and Billy Ward on drums and percussion. To put the finishing touches on the album, he called on his talented family to contribute at every level of the project: His wife Tamara on lyrics and vocals, and his son Will on vocals, playing keyboards and writing. No Place Left To Fall delivers thirteen solid songs that are all well-built and designed to create a cohesive project. It was recorded the old fashion way - four great musicians collaborating in one room creating magic. In other words, Bill has written an album, not just songs. Inside MusiCast welcomes a reenergized classic, Bill Champlin.