Stephen Bishop


Songwriters are very special people. They’re the ones who battle with themselves and suffer through an amazingly creative process that most take for granted. When you listen to the songs that Stephen Bishop has written over his career, you find an honesty and transparency that has allowed him to deliver hits such as On And On and Save It For A Rainy Day. His career actually began as a songwriter long before he wrote songs for himself. In fact, one of his first collaborations was with Art Garfunkel, who discovered his songwriting and vocal talent and invited him to sing and also contribute two tracks to his legendary Breakaway project. He has penned songs for Diana Ross, Barbra Streisand, Bette Midler, Steve Perry, Kenny Loggins, The Four Tops and also Pavarotti. Widening the body of his work, he sang the hit the meIt Might Be You from the movie Tootsie and also has written and sung on 13 other films, including Animal House and White Knights, from which he was nominated for two Grammy’s and an Oscar for his song, Separate Lives. Inside MusiCast welcomes a gifted songwriter, Stephen Bishop.