Eric Tagg

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If you were 20 years-old, traveling in the Netherlands and your money, identity and your airplane ticket to get you back home was stolen, what would you do? If you were Eric Tagg, you’d borrow some money, use it to put an ad in the local paper and begin your career as a vocalist. It was this episode in Eric’s life that thrust him into becoming one of the quintessential voices in the West Coast genre. Traveling back to the States to record his first album “Smilin’ Memories” in 1975 is when Eric first met guitarist Lee Ritenour, which blossomed into a long-lasting musical relationship. Eric was Ritenour’s feature vocalist and writing partner on two of his biggest albums, “Rit” and “Rit 2”, including the song “Is It You”, which hit the top 15 on the pop chart and number 1 on the R&B chart in the USA. During this period, Eric released two additional solo albums, “Rendezvous” in 1977 and “Dreamwalkin’” in 1982. It wasn’t until 1997 that he released his fourth solo record “Through My Eyes.” He now spends his time in Greenville, Texas working and writing music for his ministry. Inside MusiCast welcomes Eric Tagg.