Richard Page

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Richard Page is back. For proof, go to iTunes or Richard’s web site and you’ll find his most recent solo release since his 1996 solo album, Shelter Me. What’s most unusual is that he chose this holiday season to release a most wonderfully crafted Christmas single entitled, I Always Cry At Christmas. But, this isn’t your typical Christmas track, this is a Richard Page song that delivers what you’d expect - something special from the soul. As the former lead vocalist for Pages, Third Matinee, and Mr. Mister, he has delivered hits such as Broken Wings and Kyrie. But over the past several years he has taken a hiatus from his personal solo career to craft songs and produce artists such as Leona Lewis, Bill Champlin, Al Jarreau, Celine Dion, as well as many others. Today, Richard is once again ready to let us all come into his world, by sharing his music and his personal story with us all. Inside MusiCast is glad to welcome Richard Page as our first guest of 2009.