Joe Porcaro

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In the music scene there are only a few names that command immediate respect. Sinatra. Foster. Hubbard, Q. Laboriel, Jaco. Goodman. Getz. Corea. Bellson. Armstrong. And then there’s Porcaro…a legacy surname that is renowned in jazz, rock, pop, and classical genres. As owner of this respected surname, Joe Porcaro, a most respected percussionist and drummer, has lived a fortunate life that has involved music at every turn. From marching with his dad in his early days, to performing with his sons on the Grammy Award winning album TOTO IV, to playing on countless film scores and TV shows over the years, Joe Porcaro is a living legend who lives by the philosophy of “passing the music on”. He is constantly working to expand his legacy by sharing his musical knowledge, talent, and passion to students who study at the Los Angeles Music Academy (LAMA), which he helped start in 1996. Here, students (who are so lucky), work face-a-face with one of music’s most respected instructors. His sons, Steve, Mike, and Jeff (we all miss him) remain the pride of his heart, as they were sole beneficiaries of their father’s passion and love of music. And that’s an understatement. Inside MusiCast is honored to welcome a living legend who is still in his prime, Joe Porcaro.