Mark Kibble


When Take 6 came on to the music scene in 1988 with their self-titled debut album, they started breaking the rules of how music was being created, and as a founding member of the band, Mark Kibble was a key perpetrator. The band calls Kibble the “architect”, due to the fact that he was key in designing and molding the Take 6 sound, and no one else sounds like Take 6…nobody. Together they proceeded to design a fresh, vocally-driven sound consisting of gospel, jazz, doo-wop, R&B, pop, 60’s soul and a hip-hop approach that has been working for twenty years. By the way, Kibble, like several of the members of the group, isn’t only an amazing first tenor, he’s also a YAMAHA-endorsing guitarist and formidable producer. Although Kibble and his younger sibling, Joey, are part of the group, it’s evident that after twenty years all six band members treat each other like brothers…or this gig may have ended years ago. Take 6 has won countless awards, from Grammys to Doves to Soul Train, but along the way Kibble and Take 6 have kept their feet planted on the ground. Inside MusiCast welcomes Mark Kibble.