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IMC hosts, Rick and Eddy, have caught up with several Inside MusiCast guests to talk about fresh music coming in the form of new albums. Join us as they speak with Steve Lukather to recap the recent world tour with TOTO, his upcoming solo album release and tour, and also a couple of other surprises.

Crosby Loggins has just finished his new album, WE ALL GO HOME, with his band The Light. He’ll fill you in on release dates, tour dates, internet marketing of the new project, and singles to be released.

Jennie DeVoe is heading to England to work with producer John Parrish on her upcoming record. The second of DeVoe/Parrish projects is sure to build on the sound and feel of her latest album, FIREWORKS & KARATE SUPPLIES, but might have more of an edge. Rick and Eddy catch up with Jennie to talk about her writing and preparation for her new project.