Crosby Loggins

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You recognize the last name. And you’re right. Crosby Loggins is the son of singer/songwriter Kenny Loggins. Enough said, because apart from the obvious familial resemblance and a genetic gift for melody, this is not a simple story of a son following in his father’s footsteps. He’s paving his own road through the creation of his very own style of music. Interestingly, he didn’t see music as something he had to do. Let’s just say that music found him. He started writing his own songs by the age of eight and later honed his skills at Colorado University and the Los Angeles Music Academy. He then began searching for something that he already had. But, it took him a few years to realize it and is happily heading straight into the family business. He’s an amazingly fresh artist who has something to say. And, it clearly comes through in his music. Inside MusiCast is happy to welcome Crosby Loggins.