David Paich (part 1)

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When David Paich was a kid he didn’t spend much time climbing trees. His time was spent absorbing, learning, and ultimately becoming a product of his environment — the recording studio and performing stage. David’s father, legendary composer and arranger Marty Paich, introduced him early to his world of creating music. David eventually found over the years his phenomenal musical and keyboard skills would allow him to become one of the most sought-after session musicians, producers, composers, and arrangers in the industry. As a founding member of the Grammy Award-winning band TOTO, David has toured the globe performing to a world-wide fan base that literally boggles the mind. His discography, is also quite global — it could wrap around the world a few times. He’s contributed to the works of George Benson, Jackson Browne, Ray Charles, Doobie Brothers, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Quincy Jones, Boz Scaggs, and is still going strong. Inside MusiCast welcomes David Paich.