Raul Midón

The title of Raul Midón’s brand new album, “Bad Ass And Blind”, sums it up pretty nicely.  True, Raul is blind and has been since birth, but when it comes to music he’s as badass as they come.  The New York Times described him as “a one man band who turns a guitar into an orchestra and his voice into a chorus.”  Since 1999, Raul has released eight solo albums that touch a variety of musical landscapes and features his blazing, percussive-style finger work on the guitar, as well as his soulful, silky vocals.  His talents have also been featured on tours, sessions and album projects for artists such as Shakira, India Arie, Al Jarreau, Marcus Miller, Alejandro Sanz, Julio Iglesias, Stevie Wonder, Jason Mraz, and Herbie Hancock.  His ninth studio album, “Bad Ass And Blind”, is set to be released on March 24 and will find Raul expanding into his jazz roots and featuring compositions that explore linear modal harmony, similar to the musical avenues taken by jazz legends Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter.  To expand on his incredible journey in music and to chat further about his brand new album, Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome Raul Midón.



Keith Howland

For those of you who love music and had hopes of someday performing in front of thousands of screaming fans and touring the world, meet Keith Howland.  His path to the music business began with those very same dreams that eventually became his reality.  In the early 80’s when Keith attended James Madison University, he caught a Chicago concert on campus and it turned out to be one of the best performances he’s ever witnessed.  After the show, he remembers catching a glimpse of Chicago guitarist Chris Pinnick and thought to himself, “That’s the luckiest guy in the world.  I wish I could get a gig like that.”  His wish eventually came true, but not before paying his dues and working his way into the audition that eventually changed his entire career.  Here to tell us about this incredible journey to the band Chicago is Keith Howland. 

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