Michael McDonald

It’s been nearly a decade since Michael McDonald has released an album of original material, but he’s back with what may arguably be his finest effort over the course of his illustrious career.  The 12 track album titled “Wide Open” is a musically diverse journey that explores elements of pop, rock, country, folk, jazz, blues and soul. Produced by Shannon Forrest, the album enlists an amazing cast of musicians, including Shannon, Amy Holland McDonald, Michael Landau, Robben Ford, Marcus Miller, Steve Porcaro, David Paich, Bernie Chiaravalle, Dan Huff, Tom Scott, Larry Goldings, Tommy Simms, Brandon Marsalis and many others.  Yet, the heart of “Wide Open” is the lyrics.  Perhaps for the first time in his career, Michael wears his heart on his sleeve, as he presents a very personal account of his path to becoming sober and forging ahead to live life in the open.  Here to talk more about “Wide Open” is our good friend and past guest, Michael McDonald.

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Steve Weingart and Renee Jones

Steve Weingart and Renee Jones are a match made in music.  High school sweethearts, they spent their early years growing together with music being their mutual passion.  Eventually they made the move to Los Angeles, with Steve focusing on music as his profession.  Renee didn’t initially pursue music as her career path, but it was Steve’s invitation for her to perform on his solo album Dark Blue Dream that turned her focus to music as a profession, which she continues to pursue to this day.  Steve and Renee have recently collaborated on a brand new album project titled “Oasis” - a project spawned by Steve’s endorsement by Casio and features him performing on the new Casio GP500 Grand Hybrid, while Renee lends her talents on vocals and bass.  Inside MusiCast is pleased to welcome back to the show Steve Weingart and his wife Renee Jones.

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