James Harrah


Welcome to my space, everyone.. Here are some shots of my studio space – warts and all. The funny thing about my room, which is quite small, is that there is an 800 square foot room outside of it. But it's really funky – a work in progress – for another day after more pennies are saved. I do have another little room the size of this one pictured here that I have an amp in. It's a pretty simple set up, but it works for me. I’ve included pictures of my outboard gear, my Manly compressor, my UA preamp and my API preamp. They’ve gotten me through a lot of sessions and music recordings. Note also my high tech mic stand that is connected to the guitar holder on the wall. Classic home studio tomfoolery there. Like I said, it’s about the sound, right?

Also, scoll to the bottom to take a look at my workhorses. . . my guitars. – James

Photos courtesy Terri Harrah

IMG_6020 2.jpg
IMG_6028 2.jpg

These are my solids these days. I think they mostly speak for themselves. My collectors items (that I use all the time) are my 1962 Gibson 345, which I’ve modified it over the years. I included the bigsby. The Gretsch is a 1973 Rockjet (I think that’s what they called it). I love this guitar. It has such wonderful character. It has a good story attached to it too. I was working for Pat Leonard at the time and I had mainly one electric guitar that I was using. Although I wasn’t the only guitar player in his “guitarist pool” for sessions at the time, he called me for this particular gig. He showed up one day with this Gretsch and told me to bring it every time I had a session with him. Needless to say, I did exactly as he requested.. Another guitar is my Xotic strat which I am using 75 % of the time these days. My Guild has P90s and I have flat wounds on it. The rest (Les Paul and Martin) are pretty standard, nothing outside the ordinary solid workhorses. – James

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