Stephen “Astro” Duros


My recording setup. iMac with Pro Tools, Logic and various plugins. Metric Halo ULN 2 interface. Dynaudio BM6A studio monitors. My favorite electric guitar amps, I love the sound of them. I use amp plugins as well for ideas and some recording though still find I prefer the real amps for studio use. Something about reaching over and quickly dialing in a tone, the vibe of them individually. I’m kinda old school with those.


Our control room features a Pro Tools 10 - HD3 system which we use in conjunction with the Shadow Hills Industries The Equinox. We have a Studer A80 Mk4 24 Track 2" with a 16track block, it's my favourite way of recording of recording drums, bass and the Fender Rhodes.


A few keepsakes on my shelves from touring. A bunch of Toto tour passes, the Luke signature guitar pedal with my cartoon of Luke on it and a gift one of the German crew members gave me in Europe on the Toto 2016 tour. I have all my tour books and passes from the past 19 years of touring with various artists that I’ll eventually put on display in the studio as well along with a few select lighting plots I’ve kept and will frame from some very memorable shows like the Budokan in Tokyo and a European plot. 

A few keepsakes when touring with Ottmar Liebert. Set list from 2006 including one of my songs “Thira” that we performed live. Wooden beads he brought back from Tibet that he gifted me and a Buddha I got in Santa Fe. It was an exciting, fun and inspiring time for me as an artist. 


2001 Luke guitar. This has been my main electric guitar since Luke gave it to me in 2001,it’s a very special instrument to me and I used it when I recorded and toured with Ottmar Liebert 2005 - 2009 

Fender Strat with Texas specials. This guitar has a great sound and feel to it. I look forward to using it on future recordings.

2016 Lester DeVoe Flamenco guitar. A very special guitar and sounds amazing. I also have an amazing 1995 Vazquez - Rubio Flamenco Blanca guitar (not shown) currently at the Vazquez guitar shop getting refretted. That guitar has been the main workhorse for me since I got it in 97’. It was picked out for me by Paco Arroyo when I was studying Flamenco rhythms with him at the time. The action on that guitar is second to none. 

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