Bluey Maunick


Hey everyone! Bluey here. My studio is based in North London. It is a part of the Livingston Studio Complex. This refurbished studio  is owned by the Miloco Studio Group and I am the resident producer in Studio 2. Most of the equipment is mine or my engineer and co producer Mo Hausler.

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Our control room features a Pro Tools 10 - HD3 system which we use in conjunction with the Shadow Hills Industries The Equinox. We have a Studer A80 Mk4 24 Track 2" with a 16track block, it's my favourite way of recording of recording drums, bass and the Fender Rhodes.

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My monitors of choice are ATC SCM 25 A Pro and Genelec 1031A.
We have a wide selection of Mic Pre's including the API 512C Mic/Line Pre, Audix 35102 Mic Amp & Eq (x2), Calrec PQ-15 Mic Amp & Eq, Focusrite Voicemaster Platinum, Neve 1272 Mic Amps (x2), Phoenix Audio DRS-8 8 Channel Class A Mic Amps, Telefunken V672 (x2), Telefunken V676a (x2).

In the dynamics department  we  use Audio & Design F760-RS, Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor (x2), DBX 160 VU Mono Compressor (x2), Manley ELOP Stereo Electro-Optical Limiter (A personal favourite), Smart Research C1 Stereo Compressor, Universal Audio 1176AE Limiter / Compressor.

We have a wide variety of Reverbs, Delays & Processors including Dynacord Echocord Mini Tape Delay, EMT 140S Stereo Plate Reverb, Lexicon PCM 80, Roland SDE-3000 Digital Delay, Roland SDE-330 & Yamaha SPX900.

Our favourite microphone is one owned Mo it's the Microtech Gefell MV 692 with M71 Capsule (An amazing microphone). We also have AKG C 28 Valve, AKG C 391 B, AKG D 112, AKG D 25, Calrec CM1050c, Heil PR-28 (x2), Neumann Gefell M582 Tube (x2) with M62 Capsule, Neumann Gefell UM57, Neumann KM 84i, Neumann U 64, Neumann U 87 Ai (x2), STC Coles 4038 (x2), Sennheiser MD 421 (x5), Sennheiser e 609, Shure Beta 52A, Shure SM57 (x5), Sontronics Helios Valve (x2), Sontronics Orpheus (x2), Sontronics Sigma Ribbon (x2), Telefunken D19, Telefunken USA RTF AK-47.


My guitar collection is always available to our clients: Atelier Z Custom Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster (x2) USA Standard, Gibson ES-355 Semi-Acoustic Guitar, Line 6 Variax Electric Guitar, Line 6 Variax Acoustic Guitar, Radix Custom Semi-Acoustic Guitar, Radix Osiris, Sandberg Custom Bass, Yamaha APX-6 Electro Acoustic Guitar and a nylon strung acoustic.

Guitar Amplifiers include Fender Pro Junior, Line 6 DT50, Marshall MG15MSZW, Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus, Roland JC-77 Jazz Chorus, Phil Jones Bass Amp.

I use a variety of pedal and they are popular with my clients too: Arbiter Fuzzface, Boss Blues Driver Distortion, Boss CE-2 Chorus, Boss DD-3 Digital Delay, Chicago Iron Parachute Wah, Danelectro Dan-Echo, Digitech Whammy, DOD 440 Envelope Filter Envelope Filter, Jim Dunlop Cry Baby 535, MXR Phase 90, MXR micro amp Gain pedal, Nobels TR-X Tremolo, Pro Co Rat Distortion (x2), Pro Co Turbo Rat, Rockman Acoustic Guitar Pedal, Soundblox Classic Distortion, Soundblox Multiwave Distortion, Soundblox Tri-Mod Flanger, Soundblox Tri-Mod Phaser, Soundblox Tri-Mod Wah. The Soundblox pedals are the freshets pedals around at the moment, they are new but the deliver vintage sounds!


Some of the instruments in the studio includes my precious Fender Rhodes 73 Mark I Suitcase, A Hohner Clavinet E7, Wurlitzer 200A, Yamaha Motif ES8, AKAI MPC1000.
That’s it! Cheers, – Bluey.

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