A little bit Country... A little bit Steely Dan.

OK. Rick and I are not what you might call Country Music fans. (That probably doesn’t surprise you). In fact I’ve never…ever…bought a ticket for a Country Music concert nor a Country album. I don’t think Rick has either. But once in a blue moon an opportunity comes around to jump into a new pool with an open-minded objectivity and see what “new” music tastes like.

That’s what Rick and I did this past weekend…thanks to our good friend Chris Rodriguez, who is currently on tour with one of Country’s biggest stars – Keith Urban – playing guitar and assisting on BGVs.

It all happened so quickly…I called Chris (a past IMC guest), a few weeks back and asked if we might get together for dinner, hanging a little, and maybe interviewing him during the tour’s stop in Indianapolis. To my surprise, we got it all! FREE tickets to the show; backstage passes (to look important while wearing our Inside MusiCast Media badges), and a chance to witness the “behind the scenes” world of the Keith Urban tour. This would be their second outdoor show this year.

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Feelin' Horny

Don’t let the title fool you.  I’m talking about horn bands, so get your mind out of the gutter!  I love bands with solid horn sections and I’ve been listening to a lot of Tower, Chicago, EW&F and Chase lately.  Of course, I always take in several doses of Steely Dan, which never leaves my rotation.  Good horn arrangements add a dimension to music that’s exciting, powerful, and fills the space of a song so nicely between all of the other instrumentation.  Some of my very favorite concerts have been bands that include horn sections.  A few weeks ago I caught Chicago with EW&F and I was in a brass nirvana, especially when both bands took the stage together.  A few years ago, Eddy and I caught Tower Of Power at the Embassy Theater in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and it was nothing short of amazing.  After so many years of tearin’ it up, these guys are still the kings of bump.  The seats in the theater got a break that night, as people were on their feet and groovin’ to every tune.  Sure, bands like Tower have such a great groove to their tunes, but what electrifies the crowd is that slammin’ horn section and makes the hair on your arms stand up when they throw down a killer arrangement.   

That’s my musical thought for a Friday afternoon.  I hope you all have a good weekend!

Rick Such
Inside MusiCast

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